Annual Report 2016
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Jos Reijnders RVO - Netherlands Enterprise Agency

The potential of ocean energy has been studied since the 80s and recently the Ministry of Economical Affairs and the Ministry of Infrastructure have acknowledged the energy and export potential. Business and other organizations joined forces in a trade association called the EWA (Netherlands Energy from Water Agency).

Many techniques and projects have been developed, resulting in the following highlights:

  • The 1.25 MW tidal power plant in the Eastern Scheldt, which was installed by the end of 2015, performed very well in 2016. The T2 tidal & free flow turbine of Tocardo has been awarded with a Statement of Feasibility by an independent certification body. This will further help to commercialise the technology.
  • REDstack was rewarded as one of the three ‘National Icons’. REDstack generates electricity from the salinity difference between sea- and fresh water.
  • In 2016, Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis started with the construction of their 1 MW fish-friendly bi-directional turbine in the Grevelingendam. Commissioning and grid connection are scheduled for March 2017.
  • During the OTEC 2016 symposium in Amsterdam, organised by BlueRise, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), the Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA) and the Ocean Energy Association of Japan. The aim is to bring Dutch marine energy innovations closer to the market.
  • Early in 2016, the Bluetec floating platform was commissioned with a larger T2 Tocardo turbine.
  • Huisman sold its shares in Tocardo International B.V. to the Canadian company Tribute Resources Inc.
  • Tocardo has successfully tested their UFS-platform (Universal Foundation System, a U-shaped platform). Tocardo has announced that five upgraded T2 250 kW rated turbines will be installed in the Minas Passage in Canada’s Bay of Fundy, late in 2017.