Annual Report 2016
Country Reports


Rodolfo Silva-Casarín, Juan Carlos Alcérreca Huerta AND Elizabeth Rodríguez Aguirre Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

For more than a decade, Mexico has been working in the development of electricity generated by wind and solar resources. In 2014, these initiatives were extended to include marine energy exploitation and in 2016 the final agreements for the creation of the Mexican Centre for Innovation on Ocean Energy (CEMIE-Ocean) were reached. This initiative aims to produce collaboration between the Government, academia and industry in scientific research and the applied technology to harness ocean energy and train personnel.

It is hoped that the investigations already carried out will produce successful results now that several tests have been completed and a 1:1 scale model constructed. Two of the major challenges in accelerating the process of marine energy are related to the global price of oil and the lack of environmental regulations. Although, with the new strategies, such as the new CEMIE-Ocean, a long term policy has now begun.