Annual Report 2016
Country Reports


Yann-Hervé De Roeck France Energies Marine

Following a trend over several years, the French Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector activities in 2016 can be characterized by a large and complimentary set of public and private initiatives and achievements. The size of projects and their objectives vary considerably. As an example, tidal turbines are being tested in order to be combined in arrays as part of the global network energy mix, but also individually to provide energy to non-grid connected islands or isolated communities, as well as along rivers and in estuaries. Motivated by the potential of its oversea islands in the intertropical area, France is also heavily investing in OTEC.

While on the fringe of the OES perimeter of action, but contributing to its progress by tackling many of the MRE common issues, the floating offshore wind turbine sector is also moving forward quickly with strong public and industrial involvement, setting a consistent roadmap for development.

As a result of these shared interests, up to 3000 people meet and collaborate at national exhibitions and conferences dedicated to the global Marine Renewable Energy sector.