Annual Report 2016

Task 9 - International Ocean Energy Technology Roadmap

In 2016 an internal report “International Ocean Energy Technologies: Synergies with other Industrial Sectors” was prepared outlining opportunities for potential technology and knowledge transfer, which could provide the solutions to challenges faced by the ocean energy sector. In producing this study, over 200 organisations were contacted and over 60 one-on-one interviews were conducted. Approximately one-third of the interviewees were from the ocean energy sector, while the remainder were from other sectors including oil & gas, transport & operations, the supply chain, manufacturing, offshore wind and other renewable energy sectors.

This analysis was used to update, validate and refine knowledge regarding the barriers currently faced by the sector.

For sectors similar to ocean energy, such as those operating in the marine environment, the process was designed to highlight the areas of knowledge transfer potential from more mature sectors. Responses from all organisations, particularly those involved with manufacturing, were used to uncover opportunities for technology transfer and supply chain creation.

This analysis has highlighted that to build understanding and generate interest in ocean energy, more effort to present the successes and challenges of the ocean energy sector to other industries, beyond those relating to energy, is necessary.

To exploit the synergies identified, several recommendations have been made. These include:


Henry Jeffrey, The University of Edinbourgh, UK

All member countries



  • Increased dissemination outside the marine sector.
  • Inter-industry collaboration regarding supply chains to allow feedback to be integrated into new products.
  • Sharing of datasets to ensure that developers working at all scales can gather accurate data suitable to deploy larger scale technologies.
  • Linking ocean energy developers with large industrial partners to reduce investor risk.
  • Widening the scope of funding body calls for sub-system solutions beyond the ocean energy sector and encourage inter-industry joint bids.


Increased collaboration with mature industries will contribute to a successful development pathway and ensure that ocean energy plays a crucial role in the world’s future energy mix. These results have been included in the final output of this task, which is the “International Vision for Ocean Energy”  brochure to be released in early 2017.