Annual Report 2016

Task 1 - Collection of Information and Dissemination

Task 1 focus on development of quality information products and effective communication mechanisms in support of the OES strategy. It further aims to provide adequate and accurate information to policy makers and other stakeholders.


Task 1 aims at communicating the OES main findings trough the most appropriate communication channels. In this respect the following main communication actions were conducted throughout the year:

  • The OES website is the primary source of communicating the activities of OES, publications and general outputs of each tasks to a wider audience (

    It includes a restricted area for the ExCo delegates with information to be discussed in each ExCo meeting and repository of all presentations in meetings.
  • In order to increase the OES programme’s visibility, news are also promoted trough a LinkedIn group and a twitter account.
  • A video about ocean energy for the general public is available on the OES youtube channel.
  • The Annual Report is the flagship document of the OES and a marker for industry development. It includes detailed information from country members. A subdomain was created in the website with an interactive online version.
  • A Bulletin issued each semester, after each ExCo meeting presents most up to date information exchanged by the delegates.


OES was present in three major events on ocean energy, in South America: Chile, Colombia and Argentina. Universidad Austral, in Valdivia, Chile, was the home of the second workshop on Wave and Tidal Energy (, from 16 to 18 November. The event, that gathered scientists, industry and governmental representatives, gave special attention to R&D breakthroughs that can address risk assessment issues for Marine Renewable Energy projects. OES was present, through the participation of the French Delegate, Yann-Hervé De Roeck.

Also in November, 23 and 24, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, took place the second Siemar (, International Seminar on Ocean Energy. OES was present, with its Vice-Chair and UK Delegate, Henry Jeffrey. It was an opportunity to gather international experts, to exchange knowledge and experience related to ocean energy.

SIEMAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2016

SIEMAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2016


In October, the OES was also present in the Cintecmar Colombia, the 1st International Congress of new Technologies for Sea and River, this time with the participation of the Executive Secretary of the OES, Ana Brito Melo.

The event addressed the scope and challenges of ocean energy development in the country (

The three events were of major importance for the promotion of the OES activities and an opportunity to interact with governmental representatives that attended the meetings.

Dissemination of OES activities has been an ongoing process, through the presence of OES representatives several events related to ocean energy. The table below lists the main events in 2016, in which the OES was represented.







The ExCo has had an intimate link with the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) series, since its inception in 2006. Although there are other regional ocean energy conferences, ICOE is the only truly global ocean energy conference. ICOE conferences are held every two years and focus on the industrial development of ocean energy.

Past ICOE conferences have been held in Germany, France, Spain, Ireland, Canada and UK. The next conference in 2018 will be in France. OES secured a host for a new edition in 2018: West Normandy Marine Energy.


The International Steering Committee of ICOE includes the Chair or Vice-chair of the OES. Further several OES delegates are also members of the steering committee.

In particular, the OES hosts past ICOE conference material on a dedicated website managed by OES (, providing the historical archive of all papers from previous ICOE conferences.

The OES is also the organiser and supporter of a “student poster award” - three cash prize for the best three poster presentation at the ICOE conferences. Active students and young early-stage researchers are eligible for the poster awards.

At ICOE 2016, the OES sponsored a €3,000 prize fund to students selected by an international jury for the best posters presented.


ICOE 2016 Poster Awards Winners


First prize (€ 1,500)

Anthony Gray (IDCORE)

Study: Identifying Key O&M Strategy Considerations for a Wave Energy Array - A Case Study on Pelamis

Authors: Anthony Gray and Lars Johanning


Second prize (€ 1,000)

Rachael Moore (Queen’s University Belfast)

Study: Investigating Tools Used to Analyse the Impact of a Wave Farm on the Surrounding Wave Field

Authors: Rachael Moore, Louise O’Boyle and Bjoern Elsaesser


Third prize (€ 500)

H. C. Jeong (Mokpo National Maritime University)

Study: A Numerical Study on the Performance of a Water Wheel Type Tidal Turbine

Authors: M. H. Nguyen, H. C. Jeong, B. G. Kim, J. H. Kim, C. J. Yang