Annual Report 2016
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New Chairman’s Message



Henry Jeffrey is a specialist in ocean energy roadmaps, action plans and strategies.  In 1998 he was awarded a BEng in Mechanical Engineering with 1st class honours from Robert Gordon University and he subsequently attained an MBA degree from Aberdeen Business School in 2006. Following completion of his undergraduate qualification, Henry took the role of Development Engineer with Scottish wave energy developer Wavegen where he remained for 5 years, gaining invaluable industrial experience at the cutting edge of the ocean energy sector.  Henry then moved to the University of Edinburgh, where he is currently a Senior Lecturer and leads the Policy and Innovation Group in the Institute for Energy Systems.  

In this role he contributes to a diverse range of national, European and international ocean energy R&D projects.  He leads work on many roadmap and strategy studies and is the coordinator of the EU funded DTOcean project.  

In addition to his roles at the University of Edinburgh, Henry is the coordinator of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) Ocean Energy Joint Programme, serves as Head of Strategy and Internationalisation at Wave Energy Scotland, is responsible for industrial liaison at the SuperGen UK Centre for Marine Energy Research (UKCMER) and has been involved with the IEA Ocean Energy Systems initiative as both UK representative and vice-chair.  Henry has authored or co-authored over 30 journal and conference papers along with many of the most notable roadmap and strategy reports in the ocean energy sector.