Annual Report 2016
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Yasuyuki Ikegami Institute of Ocean Energy, Saga University

Renewable Ocean Energy Projects supported by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development (NEDO), the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) have been progressing.

Through NEDO projects, they have encouraged the R&D for wave energy, tidal energy, ocean current and ocean thermal energy conversion. In 2016, under a NEDO project, an ocean tidal current project has been undertaken by IHI Corporation, Yokyo University, Mitsui & Co., Lt., with an eye towards operation in 2017. The system is a twin-type configured with a pair of 50 kW power generators. The turbine diameter is about 10 meters with the total length of the floating body at about 20 meters. A practical system is assumed to be 2 MW (two 1000 kW units) with a turbine diameter of about 40 meters. The targeted generation cost is 20 yen per kWh.