Annual Report 2016
Country Reports


Ludovic Mouffe, Julien De Rourck, Tim Verbrugghe University of Ghent

A test facility was implemented at approximately 1 km from the Harbour of Ostend. The test facility has easy access for deployment and maintenance from the Harbour of Ostend. Wave riders register the available wave climate, an antenna and camera onshore ensure the data connection and visualisations. Navigation buoys protect the test zone from unwanted marine traffic. There is no grid connection installed. There is an interest in installing a monopile structure at the test site, as a monitoring hub and foundation basis for several renewable energy projects.

Depending on the results of the FlanSea I project, a possible continuation is under investigation. In this FlanSea II project the emphasis is on the development, which involves deployment of one or multiple wave energy convertors of bigger scale and/or alternative for the Power Take-Off.

Laminaria is planning a deployment at the EMEC test site in Orkney, Scotland, in 2017 (LAMWEC project). The aim is to create a win-win situation by supplying the Scottish grid with clean reliable energy and creating employment in Flanders in the development and construction of the devices.